Cricket3D 1.3

Play cricket on your phone


  • Intelligent control system
  • Nice sound effects


  • Matches are too short
  • Patchy graphics and animation

Not bad

For many people, cricket is the ultimate summer sport - after all, what other game requires you to stand around in the sun not doing much?

Cricket3D provides you to stage a cricket match on your Series 60 phone. Games are limited to just two overs (a series of six bowls, for those new to the game), and the object is to score more runs than your opponent.

In terms of its presentation, Cricket3D is rather hit and miss. The 3D graphics are a bit ragged and the animation is slow. The sound effects are nice though - from the satisfying crack of a ball striking willow to the roar that goes up when you hit a six. I particularly like the Australian commentator, although he's not used nearly enough.

The control system in Cricket3D very detailed, making this a real game of skill. At first you get a bit frustrated by the complexity of the meter-based bowling system and the range of shots that are available to you in batting mode. You'll soon come to realize though, that this is probably the most appealing thing about Cricket3D, as it allows you to really fine-tune your game and vary both your strokes and your bowls.

I would've liked to have seen a more in-depth gaming experience in Cricket3D, such as the ability to compete in test matches or one-day internationals, or a choice of teams or players.

Cricket3D makes for an enjoyable knock-up. however, it could do with Shane Warne to come along and give it a good polish on his leg.



Cricket3D 1.3

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